New Look and Feel,
Same Game Changing Mission

Gurnee, IL: From our beginning, the team at Nebula Data Intel (NDI) set out to find a way to make Big Data more accessible, especially in healthcare. As the product and program portfolios became more defined, it was clear that a new name was needed to accurately depict the unique value the company can provide.

“It is an exciting time for us as a young organization with a mission of improving the health and wellbeing of others through the use of Big Data,” explains CEO and founder, Dr. David C. Watts. “We needed a name and mission statement that would better tell our story and highlight our unique capability to harvest challenging data sets and put them to their highest and best use. Moving forward, we are proud to be known as CaptureX.”

Over the coming weeks, CaptureX will be formally announcing to customers and business partners their new branding and with it will come with a new tagline of “Data with a Purpose.”

CaptureX’s first product to market, now called CaptureSurgical, is now in alpha testing. CaptureSurgical collects data throughout the outpatient surgical experience to help improve three important aspects of a healthy practice; operating expense, outcome trends, and true patient satisfaction.

About CaptureX: CaptureX uses revolutionary technology across multiple channels to capture, refine and redistribute data. We’re creating an open marketplace for all types of data, where members access captured datasets as a buyer or seller to advance the healthcare industry. For more information visit