CaptureX’s First Product Launch is Under Way

Gurnee, IL: CaptureX has launched its flagship product, CaptureSurgical at CEO and Founder’s surgery center. CaptureSurgical collects data throughout the outpatient surgical experience to help improve three important aspects of a healthy practice; operating expense, outcome trends, and true patient satisfaction.

“We have designed this product in partnership with those that will be our biggest users; circulating nurses and surgical techs” explains Maggie Andersen, Director of Product Development at CaptureX. “The goal was to create a seamless process that staff would be able to integrate into their normal operating room tasks to capture the data they need to help elevate their practice.”

The CaptureX motto is “Data with a Purpose” – and the company is doing just that. They have designed a way to take the data captured within the OR and the patient onboarding process and transform it into easily digestible dashboards; showing administrators where they have opportunities to improve. These tools will help identify areas to reduce operating expense and give facilities the tools they need to negotiate lower pricing with device and supply manufacturers. It will also highlight a more complete picture of patient-reported outcomes and satisfaction over time – above and beyond the standard CAHPS surveys.

About CaptureX: CaptureX uses revolutionary technology across multiple channels to capture, refine and redistribute data. We’re creating an open marketplace for all types of data, where members access captured datasets as a buyer or seller to advance the healthcare industry. For more information visit