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of real data
CaptureX is a revolutionary technology company using multiple channels to capture, refine and redistribute data. We’re creating an open marketplace for all types of data, where members access captured datasets as a buyer or seller to advance their industry through data intelligence.


The CaptureX programs utilize revolutionary technology to gather, secure and enhance data – incorporating blockchain and artificial intelligence to take data to the next level.


CaptureX collects datasets through multiple channels, including third parties, which gives buyers a database filled with possibility.


CaptureX data can lead to groundbreaking insights and developments within the healthcare community and beyond. Our data can be used for product development, disease research, and powering innovation; the possibilities are infinite.

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CaptureX in the News

March 18, 2019

Nebula Data Intel Becomes CaptureX

New Look and Feel, Same Game Changing Mission Gurnee, IL: From our beginning, the team at Nebula Data Intel (NDI) set out to find a way to make Big Data…
Product Update
March 18, 2019

CaptureSurgical Alpha Testing Begins

CaptureX’s First Product Launch is Under Way Gurnee, IL: CaptureX has launched its flagship product, CaptureSurgical at CEO and Founder’s surgery center. CaptureSurgical collects data throughout the outpatient surgical experience…